Here are some scanned rocks from Arizona Tile in San Diego!

What's Arizona Tile, you ask?

They are some really nice folks over on Morena Blvd. in San Diego,
who sell "granite" and marble and the like for countertops, etc.

Here a scans of the five sample tiles they gave me about five or six years ago when I dropped by
I guess it's high time I stopped in again...

Click on the images for larger views.
Baltic Brown, Finland
"Baltic Brown" from Kymi, Finland
Baltic Brown is quarried in a bedrock quarry in Kymi, Finland. The size and color of each block is fairly consistent between shipments and occassionally the slabs may contain some black biotite crystal spots. The mineral composition of Baltic Brown is: 55% Potash feldspar, 25% quartz, 11% plagioclase and 9% biotite and hornblende, which makes it a true granite per Streckheisen (1974).
Blue Pearl
"Blue Pearl" from Vestfold, Norway
This is my personal favorite (or maybe second favorite, after Baltic Brown). The stone poeple call it granite but it is actually a rock type called anorthosite, because it is over 90 percent plagioglase feldspar. The feldspar present is labradorite, which is one of my favorite minerals (I keep a little chunk of it in my pocket, along with a tumbled quartz crystal and a gastrolith).
Juperana Colombo
Juperana Colombo from Tamil Nadu, India
The Arizona Tile web site's description:
"Juparana Colombo is quarried in a bedrock quarry formation near the town of Thagamalai in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The size and color of each block is consistent between shipments. Upper layers of the quarry produce Juparana Colombo Gold, whereas the lower layers produce this stone, Juparana Colombo. Due to the qualities of this stone, the slabs are book-matched in which slab one and slab two will be cut and polished to create a mirror image of each other. These are then kept in sequence, which allows for a consistent flow in pattern."
It's beautiful stone, granitic in composition, gneissic in texture - it's a metamorphic rock.
Laborador Antique
"Labrador Antique Granite ®" from Norway
This is a Proterozoic anorthosite of about 700 to 1000 million years in age, per the Stone Network web site here. It's not listed on the Arizona Tile web site now - they may not have it in stock.
Tan Brown
Tan Brown from India
Tan Brown is quarried in a bedrock quarry near the town of Karimnagar in the state of Andhra Pardesh, India. The size of each block will be fairly consistent between shipments, but the quartz in the stone will vary at times.