Here's a thought - scanned rocks!

I started doing this in 1995, when I got my first flatbed scanner.

Simply put the rock (slabbed and polished, preferably) onto the scanner.
A sheet of protective plastic is a nice touch...

Disclaimer: Kids!!! Don't try this at home!!!
Adult supervision required.

Click on the images for larger views.
Rapakivi Granite, Finland
Rapakivi Granite
Finland (?)
This specimen was "collected" from a construction site in Del Mar, California. It was an irregular chunk left over after being cut for flooring. After checking around, I find it looks very similar to a commercial granite called "Baltic Brown", available from several suppliers in Finland.

Picture Rock Sandstone
"Picture" Sandstone
I bought this sandstone from Ye Olde Gifte Shoppe at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. I think they called it "picture rock", or some such. No matter - I like it. Sometimes I collect rocks for scholarly purposes, but usually I pick them up 'cause they're pretty...

Snowflake Porphyry, Vancouver Island
Snowflake Porphyry
British Columbia
Porphyroblasts (bigger crystals) of plagioclase feldspar in an Andesite groundmass.

Petrified Palm Root, California
Petrified Palm Root (?)
From the Mojave Desert near Barstow. I bought this from a friend's dad in Lakewood, along with about 1000 pounds of other rocks, plus saws and other periphernalia.

Orbicular Rhyolite
Orbicular Rhyolite

possibly from East Ord Mtn., Mojave Desert
26 May 2013 Dave from Bakersfield just sent me an E-mail identifying this. Thanks, Dave!

Coprolite, Utah
"Fossil Dinosaur Coprolite
It's real Dino Dung!
Morrison Formation, Utah

(card that came with it called it Cretaceous)

Malachite ( Cu2CO3(OH)2 ), apparently from a speleological (cave) environment. Purchased at one of my favorite shops, on the "B" concourse at Denver International Airport.

Rhodonite (MnSiO3) is the pink stuff. The brown may be Siderite
(FeCO3), and the black is probably Pyrolusite (MnO2).

Fine-grained sandstone
Fine-grained Sandstone
A fine-grained sandstone slab that was part of the Lakewood purchase. The height of the image is about 2-1/2 inches. Interesting cross-bedding.

Labradorite Hopi Fetish
Labradorite Bear Fetish
Here, carved as a Hopi fetish, is labradorite, one of my favorite minerals. It is a sub-species of plagioclase feldspar which displays a play of colors called labradorescence, the result of light being scattered by extremely fine exsolution lamellae.

Fossil Fern Imprints
Fossil Fern Imprints
Purchased at good old Denver International Airport. I don't know Genus/Species, formation/age, etc.

Fossil Fish, Kemmerer, Wyoming
Fossil Fish
Kemmerer, Wyoming
In addition to being widely renowned as the home of the world's first J.C. Penney store, Kemmerer has a quarry that has produced a lot of Eocene fish fossils. This is Knightia species, named for Professor Knight of the University of Wyoming, to whom I was introduced in 1965, when I was a mere 19-year-old stripling.

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